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How to Grow Your Eyelashes Fast (5 Natural Beauty Hacks)

These natural lash remedies are proven effective and are simple, affordable, natural and, best of all, contain no dangerous chemicals, won’t harm your lashes in the long-run and will transform your lashes when used consistently!


If you’ve been dreaming of gorgeous, full, long lashes for as long as you can remember, you are most definitely not alone!

Beauty products promising enviable lashes seem to be everywhere, from growth serums to diet supplements promising red carpet worthy lashes that will light up your face and make your eyes appear larger and brighter.

Beautiful lashes are healthy lashes!

Believe it or not, naturally gorgeous lashes are achievable with the right approach and a bit of patience.

It is important to remember that a carefully crafted beauty routine is necessary to properly nourish and grow lashes from the inside out and that results will not appear overnight.

Remember, beautiful lashes are healthy lashes and this will require your careful time and consistent attention!

Many products that promise a quick-fix, such as extensions or chemically-laden cosmetics, may actually end up causing more damage to your lashes in the long run, leaving you with thinner, sparser lashes than you began with.

These include drying chemicals, potentially dangerous ingredients and products that weigh on your natural eyelashes, eventually causing more lash loss in this area over time.

Natural remedies work best in the long run

For this reason, a natural method will always be the wisest decision when looking to improve the quality of your lashes long-term and luckily, there are countless natural remedies and products available that will deliver healthier, longer lasting results that will not harm your natural lashes.

Not only this, but choosing natural remedies also means that you won’t need to fret over the potentially dangerous effects that many chemically-derived cosmetic ingredients may have on your health in the long run.

The area around our eyes contains the most sensitive and delicate skin on our face, making it even more essential to carefully select products that will be placed around the eyes.

This area is by far the most susceptible to premature aging, skin damage and quick absorption of ingredients, whether positive or negative.

Growing lashes can be simple and affordable!

The below lash remedies are proven effective and are simple, affordable, natural and can be easily purchased and applied daily. Best of all, they contain no dangerous chemicals, won’t harm your lashes in the long-run and really do work wonders when used consistently!

These top five most popular natural lash-enhancing beauty secrets will work slightly differently for each individual and therefore there’s no need to commit to just one.

There's no reason why you can't try them all in order to discover the natural beauty secret that works best for your unique lashes!


1. Natural Oils

There are a number of natural oils that have been proven highly effective in
improving lash quality when used daily over a period of time.

Some excellent oils that are tried and true for this purpose include castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, avocado oil and argan oil.

These oils contain the nourishing fatty acids and antioxidants that will repair hair follicles and promote new growth.

Be sure to opt for organic and pure-grade oils whenever possible and apply by placing a small amount on your fingertips, cotton ball or lash comb/clean mascara wand and applying gently from the root to the tips once daily, preferably before bedtime after makeup removal.

Applying these oils as part of your daily nighttime routine will allow the oils to penetrate the hair follicles while you sleep, providing the best time for absorption and follicle repair and growth.

These oils can also be used in combination with one another or with other essential oils in order to create a natural oil blend that is best suited to your needs.

For instance, castor oil and olive oil are a popular match when it comes to promoting eyelash growth naturally.

Castor Oil

Perhaps the most popular oil when it comes to enhancing your lashes naturally is castor oil.

Castor oil contains an exceptionally high level of these nourishing fatty acids and has been proven to offer incredible benefits for strengthening lashes and improving length and overall fullness.

If you want fluttering, gorgeous lashes, it's definitely time to give castor oil a try!

It is most effective when used religiously every evening after makeup removal and like with any other natural oil, is most easily applied with a clean lash brush or mascara wand.

Once you apply a drop or two to the lash brush, simply comb through your lashes, leaving a light layer of the oil over your lashes. Castor oil is also often used on eyebrows to enhance eyebrow hair growth as well!

Lastly, remember to use sparingly, as it is very thick in consistency and a little goes a long way

2. Aloe Vera

Famous for its' use in many natural beauty hacks, aloe vera is also a popular natural remedy for eyelash growth.

This can be done by using a clean lash brush to apply a light layer of natural aloe vera gel directly to your lashes before bedtime each day.

It can also be used on eyebrows to promote hair repair and growth in both of these areas. Aloe vera is hydrating and contains nourishing ingredients that will protect and soften your natural lashes.

3. Eyelash Brushing

Perhaps the most simple and straight-forward solution for improving the quality of your lashes is the brushing technique.

This method is done by purchasing small lash combs, which are essential dry mascara brushes made specifically for brushing, that allow you to brush away any dirt, dust or residual remnants on your lashes that may weigh lashes down or prevent them from functioning properly.

By keeping your lashes clean, they will be able to grow to their full potential. Not only this, but the brushing technique also improves blood flow to the area, stimulating further growth and repair in the process.

These brushes are very affordable and should be used very gently in the evening after you’ve removed all of your makeup.

An easy trick is to carry a few of these clean lash combs with you in your purse and brush away whenever you have some spare time!

4. Eyelid Massage

Yet another proven way to stimulate eyelash growth is by improving blood flow to the area. One way to do this is by gently massaging your eyelids for a few minutes each day before bedtime.

This light massaging motion will stimulate the hair follicles, resulting in fuller, longer lashes when done consistently over a period of time.

Be sure to be move in small, circular motions and to massage very gently in order to avoid any potential damage to this sensitive area. Don't pull or tug on your lashes or the gentle skin on your eyelids.

5. Shea Butter

A popular African beauty secret, Shea butter has been used for centuries to improve overall hair quality, shine, texture and fullness.

Containing many hair-saving vitamins, such as vitamin A and vitamin E, Shea butter coats the hair follicles with the nourishment needed to stimulate lash growth and improved texture.'

Similarly to the others, this method is also most beneficial when used daily before bedtime when makeup has been removed and can be applied by melting a small amount between your fingertips and applying directly to the lashes, evenly coating each strand.

When purchasing Shea butter for this purpose, be sure to select an organic version for the most natural and health-conscious remedy.

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