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8 Common Mistakes That Prevent Eyelash Growth

If you’ve spent countless dollars on every lash remedy in the book and are still not seeing any results, you may be guilty of committing one of these eyelash faux-pas that prevent you from achieving long, thick, beautiful eyelashes.

There’s no denying that long, thick eyelashes are a huge beauty trend at the moment. From eyelash enhancing serums to faux lashes, it seems you can’t turn a corner without coming coming face to face with a product that promises to deliver long, voluminous lashes.

We all dream of gorgeous lashes!

Beautiful, healthy lashes can be a huge asset to your overall appearance, brightening your eyes and providing you with an overall lively glow. This is why so many of us refuse to leave the house without a bit of mascara!

They draw attention to your face and add that extra factor that makes you appear younger, more awake, refreshed and glamorous with little extra effort.

As beauty enthusiasts, we are often quick to want to try every new beauty hack promising fuller, longer and thicker lashes, assuming that the more effort we put in, the greater the result will be.

Sadly, this often ends in another drawer-full of random products and time-consuming regimens that leave you frustrated and more likely to ditch your lash routine.

Less is more when it comes to your lash routine

The truth, however, is that when it comes to growing luscious lashes, less is actually more.

The hairs that make up your eyelashes are highly sensitive to trauma and more prone to damage when exposed to harsh chemicals and rough handling. Therefore, many of the products and enhancements available may actually be doing more harm than good over time.

The ultimate secret to seeing quick, notable improvement in your lashes is to find a method that works for your individual needs, preferably a naturally-based one, and to stick with it!

As is true with any beauty regimen, consistency is key! Likewise, simplicity will get you further when it comes to uncovering your full lash potential.

There’s absolutely no need to purchase every lash product on the shelf and endure time-consuming applications every evening.

It’s never too late to grow gorgeous lashes

If you really want to achieve those naturally envy-inducing lashes, it may be time to take a step back and have a second look at your current beauty regimen.

If you’ve already shelled out countless dollars on every lash remedy in the book and are still not seeing any results, you may be guilty of committing one of the below eyelash faux-pas without even realizing it.

If you discover that one or many of the below bad habits apply to you, fear not! It is never too late to adjust your beauty routine and with proper care, it is never too late to repair and grow your lashes to their gorgeous, full potential!


1. Wearing Mascara Everyday

Even when using the most natural mascara on the market, it is always best to choose at least a day or two during the week to ditch your normal makeup routine and give your eyelashes a much needed break.

This will allow the hair follicles to function at their optimal level, aiding in faster growth and repair of your lashes.

2. Not Replacing Old or Expired Mascara Products

By far one of the greatest mistakes made when it comes to eyelash growth is not replacing mascara products as often as needed.

Often times, we hang onto that mascara far beyond the expiration date knowing darn well that it’s time to get a new one. We’ve all been there!

Replacing your mascara every 2-3 months is absolutely essential in ensuring that the product is still effective and safe for your health.

The more you pump the mascara wand before use, the more bacteria can accumulate and grow within your mascara tube, leading to less than ideal side effects such as eye infections and dried out, lackluster lashes that may fall out more easily.

By simply tossing older mascara products and repurchasing when necessary, you can rest assured that your old, expired mascara isn’t the primary reason for your lash problems!

3. Overusing Waterproof Mascara

If you are not planning on spending the day at the beach or watching a sappy love movie, it may be worth it to opt for normal, non-waterproof mascaras whenever possible.

Waterproof mascaras tend to last much longer and therefore are much more difficult to remove at the end of the day.

This means you may have to rub, pull and tug at the eye area in order to completely remove your mascara at the end of the day, resulting in unnecessary lash damage.

Likewise, this means that there will more than likely still be some mascara left over on your eyelashes at the end of the day if not properly removed.

4. Applying Faux Lashes or Lash Extensions

There’s no escaping the fact that some special occasions call for those big, dramatic lashes that only false lashes can provide.

However, it’s important to be smart when it comes to false lashes and to choose your moments wisely. Save those false lashes for special nights or events and use glue sparingly! 

If used carefully and periodically, these products should not damage your natural eyelashes in the long run. However, the more often you use falsies or eyelash extensions, the greater the possibility that you will inevitably lose more lashes than necessary.

This is due to the fact that glue sticks to our natural lashes and is often difficult to remove, as well as the fact that it weighs down heavily on the hair follicle, causing breakage and hair fall.


5. Mistreating Your Lashes

Sometimes after a long day, we just want to get into bed as quickly as possible. However, taking your time to gently remove makeup at the end of the day is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways to ensure that you are being kind to your eyelashes and keeping them in the best possible shape.

Treating your lashes harshly by tugging, pulling, rough combing, or over-curling with an eyelash curler can cause permanent breakage and damage to the hair follicle. 

Likewise, whether you are applying your nightly lash serum or false lashes, it is crucial to ensure that your hands are clean before touching the area around the eyes.

Bacteria from your hands can easily accumulate and end up in your eyes, potentially causing eye infections and further loss of lashes.

6. Dyeing Your Lashes at Home

Dying your lashes should be avoided at all costs whenever possible. Similarly to dyeing your hair, dyeing your lashes will weaken the strands over time, leaving them more prone to thinning and breakage.

If you do opt for darkening lashes with dye, be sure to choose an experienced professional for the job and never attempt to dye your lashes at home.

The eye area is extremely sensitive and it is never worth the risking serious side effects such as eye infections, severe allergic reactions or even blindness.

7. Not Removing Makeup Before Bed

Mascara is infamously known to leave your eyelashes quite dry and brittle by the end of the day.

If not removed properly before bedtime, the friction caused by your movements throughout the night can easily cause lash breakageReduce your chances of broken lashes and lash fall by always removing your makeup fully in the evening.

Hitting the sheets before removing your eye makeup can also lead to infections when bacteria builds up around the eyes or when irritating chemicals enter your eyes while you sleep.

A natural, organic oil such as argan oil or coconut oil is a great option for removing makeup easily and gently while not exposing the eye area to any harmful chemical or additives.

8. Choosing The Wrong Eye Makeup Products

For those of us who wear mascara and other eye makeup every day or almost daily, choosing the right products is essential.

Over time, your mascara can truly can make all the difference between lush, long lashes or dry, sparse lashes.

Remember to invest in yourself as well as your lashes and don’t forget that quality is always more important than quantity!

One good quality, non-toxic mascara is truly all you need when it comes to protecting your lashes from damage.

When choosing a mascara or eye makeup product, always opt for options that are void of harsh or dangerous chemicals such as parabens and always seek natural, gentle products containing nourishing ingredients that will aid in your quest for utterly gorgeous lashes!

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