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The Natural and Organic Mascara Guide

If you haven't replaced your old, conventional mascara products for natural, organic alternatives just yet, there's never been a better time to make the transition towards many of the fantastic natural options available on shelves today that are free of potentially harmful side effects and health risks.


We've all heard the well-known saying that the eyes are the window to the soul! They give us the beautiful gift of sight and are the sense through which we perceive the world and communicate emotions to one another.

Containing the most sensitive skin on our faces, our eyes should always be treated with gentle care, especially when it comes to the cosmetic products we are using daily.

Mascara products are used by approximately 65 percent of women and are the second most popular makeup item used daily. reports that approximately 1 billion units are sold annually in mascara and eyelash-enhancing products. Therefore, if you're one of the many women who can't imagine leaving the house without a bit of mascara, you are definitely not alone!

But do we really know what harmful ingredients might be lurking in this beloved beauty staple? Are we really aware of the potential health risks associated with long-term exposure to these chemicals? Most importantly, are we willing to take the risk?

If you haven't replaced your old mascara products for natural, organic alternatives just yet, there's never been a better time to make the transition!

There are many fantastic natural options available on shelves today that will give you the luscious, full lashes we all dream of without all of the potentially harmful side effects. 

Woman Applying Mascara Wand

Why natural and organic mascara?

As with most conventional makeup products, many of the ingredients found in mascara products have been linked to potentially adverse effects on human health over time. These include several types of cancer, allergic reactions, endocrine damage, nervous system damage, brain damage and more.

According to, the top four most dangerous chemicals found in standard mascaras are: Parabens, Aluminum Powder, Propylene Glycol and Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A Acetate).

These dangerous ingredients are concerning in any cosmetic product, however, they take on a whole new importance when it comes to products that are applied near the eyes.

Mascara Collection

Potential dangers of chemicals in mascara

As one of the most delicate areas of the face, the incredibly thin and sensitive skin around the eyes is the most likely to encounter negative reactions, even if you are not usually prone to them.

This means that the harsh chemicals in many mascaras will inevitably increase your risk of experiencing allergic reactions, infections, dryness, rashes or any mix of problematic skin issues.

These risks become far greater when chemical-laden mascaras sit in your makeup cabinet far past their expiration date. Expired mascaras that contain harsh chemicals are especially dangerous and can result in harmful bacteria and fungi entering the eyes and potentially causing even greater damage.

It is estimated that approximately 60% of cosmetic products end up being absorbed into the bloodstream and with the eyes being in such close proximity to the brain, this is no minor concern.

Lastly, many chemical-heavy mascara products also pose the risk of deteriorating your vision over time if used every day and not removed properly.

By opting for natural, organic mascaras that are free from the usual skin irritants, you will almost completely eliminate your chances of suffering from skin concerns and potentially even great health concerns in years to come.

Woman Applying Mascara

Benefits of choosing natural and organic mascara

 The great news when it comes to natural and organic mascaras is that the quality of your eyelashes can actually greatly improve when you make the switch! The nourishing, nutrient-rich ingredients that take the place of the usual synthetic chemicals and preservatives can actually reverse the damage done by previous mascara products.

The plant-based ingredients found in natural and organic mascaras will create a protective, conditioning coat over your lashes that will help you to lose less eyelashes over time when compared to ordinary mascaras. The result will be hydrated, longer, fuller eyelashes!

These mascaras are generally smudge-proof and smell amazing! Not only this, but natural and organic formulas can perform just as well, if not better, than their non-organic counterparts. 

You can rest-assured knowing that the ingredients in your mascara will not harm your health and can confidently apply as many coats as your heart desires!

Small Mascara Wand

Shopping for natural and organic mascara

 Similarly to other natural and organic cosmetics, mascara products will contain specific logos on their packaging that represent the exact specifications of their natural or organic certifications.

For example, your mascara can be 100% natural, 100% organic, made with organic ingredients or a number of other various categorizations. Organic mascaras will be, by definition, also natural but natural mascaras may or may not be organic.

It will be entirely up to you to decide which category will be the perfect fit for your personal needs. Perhaps the best part about natural and organic mascaras is that there is truly something to fit every budget and lifestyle!

Since the FDA does not regulate natural or organic cosmetics in the US, it is essential to choose a mascara that has the proper certification. Without this, the natural or organic claims become largely based on the brand's integrity and it can be very hard to prove the complete accuracy of these claims.

It is possible to visit the companies website or contact the manufacturer directly to gain further insight, however, the easiest method to shopping for natural or organic mascara is to select a product that already possesses one of the existing certified logos. 

Getting Started

If you have more questions regarding natural or organic certifications or simply want to learn more, please refer to the "The Complete Guide to Natural and Organic Makeup, Cosmetics and Skin Care."

This guide will explain exactly which logos to look for on mascara products, as well as the differences between natural and organic certifications.

After spending a bit of time to explore the options and find the perfect natural, organic mascara product just for you, you'll wonder why it took you so long to make the switch!

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