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Face Yoga Duo

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"BIG WOW! What an amazing feeling. When the oil touches your skin it absorbs nicely and quickly, leaving no greasy residue. Leaves your skin like NEW! It’s quenched, soft, plump, healthy and again…" - Blanca B.


Natural ● Vegan ● Cruelty-Free ● 1 Tree Planted Per Order

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How to Use

Sculpt & lift with 5-minute face yoga!

Originating in China, the practice of gua sha is a traditional healing method where a smooth stone is pressed along the skin to promote blood flow, lymphatic drainage and healing.

This face-sculpting gua sha & nourishing Marula Magic oil is the perfect pair for a morning facial massage. Just 5 minutes to de-puffed and glowing skin!

The ritual of gua sha is an opportunity to connect with ourselves and practise self-care.

  • Infused with age-defying vitamin E and balancing rose geranium, Marula Magic visibly reduces fine lines, redness and uneven skin tone.
  • Face yoga ensures the deep absorption of Marula Magic, resulting in enhanced benefits from this luxury oil blend.
  • Promotes collagen production, rejuvenates skin cells & boosts skin plumpness.
  • Increases blood flow which promotes skin healing.
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage which reduces puffiness in the face.
  • You may see results of a more toned & lifted face in as little as 10 days!

The Face Yoga Routine

1. Apply 4-5 drops of Marula Magic to lubricate and nourish the skin.

2. Gently press and glide the gua sha over the face, following your natural contours. With each stroke, work from the centre of your face and glide outwards.

Try these strokes:

  • From the centre of the forehead, outwards, above the eyebrow.
  • From the nose, under the eye and along the cheekbone.
  • From the edge of the mouth to the bottom of the ear.
  • From the temples, down the edge of the face to the jawline. From the jawline, down the neck.

It is normal to experience slight redness or discolouration from pressing on the skin, but this is temporary and should not be uncomfortable.

Continue the massage for 5 minutes to massage & sculpt your face!

3. Press the remaining oil into your face and allow to dry, or pat dry with a clean towel.


  • A gua sha massage should not be painful, press gently on the skin.
  • Keep your face well oiled throughout the practice to avoid the gua sha dragging on the skin.
  • Practise gua sha once a day for best results.

Gua Sha Material: Xiuyan Jade

Marula Magic:

Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot Kernel Oil), Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil (Marula Oil), Tocopherol & Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Vitamin E), Botswellia Carterii (Frankincense Essential Oil), Rosa Damascena Oil (Rose Damask Essential Oil), Pelargonium Graveolens Oil (Rose Geranium Essential Oil).


Marula Oil

Easily absorbed and packed with free radical-fighting antioxidants, marula oil famously nourishes, hydrates and rejuvenates skin to reveal its highest glowing potential.

Apricot Oil

Contains skin softening properties that enhance skin elasticity and support natural moisture balance.

Vitamin E

This powerful antioxidant and preservative helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles while protecting skin from sun damage and environmental stressors.

Damask Rose Oil

Deeply moisturizing and packed with skin nutrients, rose damask has a dreamy fragrance and a beautifying effect that leaves you with a fresh, dewy complexion.


This natural astringent repairs and protects skin cells while also helping to lift, tighten and tone. It also aids in preventing wrinkles, clearing acne, reducing pore size and fading dark spots.

Rose Geranium Oil

With a sweet and uplifting scent, rose geranium is known for its ability to balance oil production, tighten pores and eliminate acne-causing bacteria, while also soothing and rejuvenating skin.