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Stimulating Scalp Massager

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Improve your scalp circulation and kickstart healthy hair growth. Made from wheat straw, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

Natural ● Vegan ● Cruelty-Free ● 1 Tree Planted Per Order

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Massage your way to healthy hair growth.

Whether you struggle with dandruff, suffer with an itchy scalp or just want to encourage hair growth, your solution is here.

The flexible silicone bristles glide through the hair without pulling or tangling, while effectively scrubbing the scalp with a soothing touch.
Maintaining grip even when wet, the easy hold handle’s shape fits perfectly into your hand making the application process effortless.

By spreading your product across the scalp and into your roots, this brush will leave your scalp fresh, clean and flake free.

  • Reduces dandruff, dead skin and excess sebum build
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Improves scalp circulation
  • Activates energy points across the scalp
  • Provides a soothing massage throughout use

Apply your shampoo and use the brush to carefully distribute across your hair.

Use circular motions throughout the process, massaging your scalp and allowing the product to be spread deeply and evenly.

Rinse after every use to ensure no leftover product build up and leave to air dry.

Alterntively, the massager can also be combined with our Nuture Silk Hair Oil.

Made from eco-friendly wheat straw and silicone brushes.